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Easterly Funds 2022 Estimated Distributions

Listed below are distribution estimates for all fund share classes. Actual distribution amounts may change. Easterly Funds may update the estimated distribution for each fund periodically. Actual distributions will be announced on the payable date for each fund.

NameTickerRecord DateEx-DatePayable DateTotal DistributionEstimated % of NAV1S/T Cap GainsL/T Cap GainsIncome2
Easterly Global Real Estate AJAREX12/27/202212/28/202212/28/2022$0.20421.6%$0.1765$0.0277-
Easterly Global Real Estate CJACRX12/27/202212/28/202212/28/2022$0.20421.6%$0.1765$0.0277-
Easterly Global Real Estate IJARIX12/27/202212/28/202212/28/2022$0.20421.6%$0.1765$0.0277-
Easterly Global Real Estate R6JARSX12/27/202212/28/202212/28/2022$0.20421.5%$0.1765$0.0277-
Easterly Hedged Equity AJDAEX12/7/202212/8/202212/8/2022$0.65006.5%-$0.6500-
Easterly Hedged Equity CJDCEX12/7/202212/8/202212/8/2022$0.65006.6%-$0.6500-
Easterly Hedged Equity IJDIEX12/7/202212/8/202212/8/2022$0.65006.4%-$0.6500-
Easterly Hedged Equity R6JDSEX12/7/202212/8/202212/8/2022$0.65006.2%-$0.6500-
Easterly Income Opportunities AJASVX12/21/202212/22/202212/22/2022$0.14841.5%--$0.1484
Easterly Income Opportunities CJSVCX12/21/202212/22/202212/22/2022$0.14841.5%--$0.1484
Easterly Income Opportunities IJSVIX12/21/202212/22/202212/22/2022$0.14841.5%--$0.1484
Easterly Income Opportunities R6JASSX12/21/202212/22/202212/22/2022$0.14841.5%--$0.1484
Easterly Snow Long/Short Opportunity ASNOAX12/22/202212/23/202212/23/2022$1.82935.8%$0.1608$1.6506$0.0179
Easterly Snow Long/Short Opportunity CSNOCX12/22/202212/23/202212/23/2022$1.82936.2%$0.1608$1.6506$0.0179
Easterly Snow Long/Short Opportunity ISNOIX12/22/202212/23/202212/23/2022$1.82935.7%$0.1608$1.6506$0.0179
Easterly Snow Long/Short Opportunity R6SNORX12/22/202212/23/202212/23/2022$1.82935.7%$0.1608$1.6506$0.0179
Easterly Snow Small Cap Value A
Easterly Snow Small Cap Value C
Easterly Snow Small Cap Value I
Easterly Snow Small Cap Value R6
Easterly Total Hedge Portfolio I3JTHIX12/22/202212/23/202212/23/2022pendingpendingpendingpendingpending
Easterly Total Hedge Portfolio R63JTHSX12/22/202212/23/202212/23/2022pendingpendingpendingpendingpending

1 as of 10/31/2022

2 As of 9.30.22 fund income is not broken out per share class. One estimate is provided for each fund.

3 Estimated distributions for the Total Hedge Portfolio is pending and will be updated once the information is available.

This information is not intended to provide and should not be relied on for accounting, legal and tax advice or investment recommendations.

Must be preceded or accompanied by a prospectus.

Easterly Asset Management and its affiliates do not provide tax, legal or accounting advice. This material has been prepared for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for tax, legal or accounting advice. You should consult your own tax, legal and accounting advisors before engaging in any transaction.

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